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Youth Baseball

Its Spring and that means its youth baseball season.  Athletes need to take care of their teeth both on and off theView full post »

Is Fruit Juice a Better Choice for your Teeth?

Fruit juices, while healthy alternative to sodas, still have an impact on your dental health. When trying to make aView full post »

Food Allergy Awareness – The Teal Pumpkin Project

We wanted to share some information about FARE’s (Food Allergy and Research Education) Teal Pumpkin Project® – aView full post »

When a Dry Mouth Is Caused by More Than Just a Lack of Water

July 23rd is World Sjögren’s Day. It’s named after Dr. Henrik Sjögren (pronounced SHOW-grin), the SwedishView full post »

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Fish?

Fish Buttery, lemony, pan-fried to perfection with a dill cream sauce over a nice rice pilaf … is your mouth wateringView full post »

Lewis and Clark – Map to Oral Health

On July 3rd, 1806, two years into their journey to chart the unchartered West of America, pioneer explorersView full post »

Understanding Nutrition Labels

No doubt, you’re familiar with these words if you’re in the habit of reading the nutrition labels on packaged food.View full post »

Bruxism -The “Harmless” Habit That Could Make Your Teeth Fall Out. Literally.

Do you wake up some mornings with a headache of origins you can’t define? Do you experience vague muscle pain in yourView full post »

Teaching Kids to Care for their Teeth

Teaching Kids to Care for their Teeth Teaching kids the importance of caring for their teeth can be a challenge. Heck,View full post »

Don’t Break Your Face – Spring Safety

Break out the bike, the skateboard and the rollerblades … Spring is here … just don’t allow your kids to breakView full post »

Spring Cleaning – For Your Smile!

Spring is on its way! For many of you, this is the time to thoroughly clean your homes of dust and cobwebs, get rid ofView full post »

Paleo Diet and Oral Health

Could the Paleo Diet Be Good for Your Teeth?

What is The Paleo Diet? The Paleo Diet takes its lead from the food consumption habits of humans who lived in theView full post »

How do you know you have Bad Breath?

Let’s take a moment to perform an experiment that could help us make friends, meet that special someone, or evenView full post »

Can Gummy Vitamins Harm Your Child’s Teeth?

Kids hate vitamins – we know. That’s why if you ask parents, gummy vitamins will rank as one of the best kidView full post »

What’s in Your Toothpaste? An Ingredient Checkup

When was the last time you read the ingredient list of your favorite toothpaste brand? Actually, have you ever readView full post »