Healthy, Fun, and Practical Holiday Gift Ideas

With the holiday season descending upon us, the race is on to find that one meaningful holiday gift that’ll surprise your loved one and let them know you care. And since good ideas are hard to come by, we decided to ease the pain a little and put together a few ideas! Each gift has the recipient’s health in mind, and is so universal that anyone on your list can appreciate them. Ready to get pickin’? Here we go!Healthy, Fun, and Practical Holiday Gift Ideas

  • Professional Kitchen Scale: Every adult understands that a key component of maintaining a healthy weight is portion control, and yet most of us have absolutely no idea what a portion should look like. That’s a problem. What’s worse, when it comes to advice about how to eyeball portions, we’re left with the not-so-scientific suggestion to “measure against the size of a fist” – hardly the best caloric measurement tool. The best solution is to use a nutritional scale. They’re affordable, easy to store, and simple to use. Spend a few extra dollars and go digital (trust us on this), and be sure to get one that measures in both grams and ounces to accommodate better baking measurements. And, heck, while you’re at it, pick one up for yourself as well. A good scale becomes a fixture in a kitchen very quickly, and everyone benefits.
  • Big Ol’ Box of Fruit: Who wouldn’t love the surprise arrival of a brightly colored box of fruit to brighten up the winter doldrums? A box of fruit is great gift for any couple or family with a healthy appetite (single folk might have some trouble eating too big a box), and given that it’ll be on the kitchen table, or in the fridge for at least week or two, your thoughtfulness will extend far beyond the initial gift-giving day. There are many places to buy fruit baskets and boxes these days … a far cry from the day when perhaps your mom bought a box or two from the local kids selling them for a school fundraiser. Shop around and find something festive!
  • Dental Gifts: There are all sorts of gifts you can pick up for a loved one at supermarket or even at your dentist’s office. Anything from whitening kits to electronic toothbrushes and water flossers to pre-paid custom mouthguards. If you’re really feeling creative, you might even be able to pick up dental gift card for your loved one – many dentists offer them these days. Just fish around as to who their dentist is by talking about your own teeth, and before you know it you will have successfully snagged the name of their doctor. Then, simply ring the dentist’s office and ask if they have gift cards for purchase. Many dentists offer promotional discounts on certain procedures like whitening and Invisalign toward the end of the year as well, so your gift card might help your friend get over the financial hump that’s been holding them back from moving forward on a planned procedure.

You see, gift giving doesn’t have to be that hard! The above three gifts are so timeless you can dig them out of the gift giving opportunity file from now until forever! Have a wonderful holiday season.