Protect Your Mouth from Sports Injuries


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Dental injuries are one of the most common injuries sustained while participating in sports. According to Statistics Brain, 35 million children ages 5-18 play sports each year. With the nice spring and summer weather arriving, more and more kids are heading out to the sports fields to practice and compete so be sure your athletes protect their mouths and teeth by wearing a mouthguard.

A mouthguard should be worn during all practices and games where there is a chance of impact, collision or contact with another person or object. Common tooth injuries that occur while playing sports include chipping, cracking, breaking, root damage, and changing color as well as being loosened, repositioned or knocked out.  A mouthguard will not only protect your teeth but also your gums, tongue and cheeks.

Finding Your Mouthguard  

A mouthguard usually just covers your top teeth and should not restrict your speaking or breathing. There are three main types of mouthguards:


  • found on the shelves of sporting good and discount stores
  • may not fit well and can’t be modified much
  • relatively inexpensive

Boil & Bite

  • place in hot water and then put on your teeth and shape it using pressure from your fingers and tongue
  • a better fit increases comfort
  • relatively inexpensive and easily found


  • made by a dentist from an impression of your mouth
  • takes longer to get
  • more expensive
  • best fit, so most comfortable

 Caring for Your Mouthguard

  • Avoid hot temperatures and direct sunlight
  • Wash with water after each use
  • Store in a firm, perforated container to allow the circulation of air
  • Do not share the mouthguard or chew on it
  • Replace when damaged or at least once a season

April is Youth Sports Safety Month so we at Patriot Dental would like to remind you and your family to wear a mouthguard whenever you participate in competitive or recreational sports where impact might occur.

If your athlete does suffer a dental injury during a game, do not wait until the end of the game to seek treatment. There is a two hour window to achieve the best outcome.

Good luck to all our athletes this season! Have fun and be safe.

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