What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a titanium post that replaces a tooth root. On top of the implant, a crown, bridge or denture is firmly fixed into place as a natural-looking, stable tooth replacement. (insert implant cross section graphic)

Benefits of Dental Implants

Replacing Missing Teeth with Implants (insert photo of a single tooth implant)

Dr. Nawiesniak recommends the best option to replace missing teeth based on a thorough examination, a 3D CT scan and the patient’s circumstances. A dental CT scanner is used to get a 360-degree, detailed 3D x-ray view of the patient’s mouth. He uses 3D software to simulate the surgery by superimposing virtual implants on the patient’s CT scan to generate a surgical guide and ensure accurate implant placement. (Insert photo of Dr. Nawiesniak reading a 3DCT Scan)

For patients missing a single tooth, Dr. Nawiesniak recommends an implant topped with a crown. For several adjacent missing teeth, he can use individual implants to replace each missing tooth or use an implant –supported bridge. (Insert implant supported bridge image.

Replacing a Full arch of Missing Teeth

Dr. Nawiesniak can provide a snap-in denture that is held in place by two or four implants. This gives more stability and chewing power than traditional dentures. This option is the most economical full arch replacement method using implants. It also gives patients the option of adding additional implants later on for even greater stability. For the greatest stability and most lifelike function, Dr. Nawiesniak recommends a fixed implant bridge supported by four to eight implants. (insert photo of four implant supported dental arch)

Latest Bone Grafting Technology

Implants require sufficient bone in order to have a stable foundation. Where bone has been lost due to missing teeth or periodontal disease, Dr. Nawiesniak uses state-of-the-art, fast healing techniques to replace the bone.

Comfortable Treatment

Dr. Nawiesniak offers oral sedation to his patients so they can relax and rest easy during a procedure. The entire implant procedure can be done for most patients in the comfort of our office.